We are Open for your Check-ups and Yearly Physicals

We are open and taking the best care of you and your medical needs as we can.  During these difficult times we are implementing all the protocols we can to keep you safe.  We are setting up special times for Well Child and Yearly Physicals to get you in and out safely.  We are cleaning our offices thoroughly 3 times a day and after every patient visit. It is important that infants and toddlers receive their check-ups and vaccines according to the AAP schedule we follow. Missing or delaying your check-ups can cause serious health issues for your child and could make it difficult to get in when things are back to normal and everyone wants to catch up at the same time.  Missed check-ups or vaccines could cause delays for your child getting into school or daycare.  As we move into yearly physical season time slots for physicals book up fast, and with limited time slots due to social distancing, you may not be able to get in when you want.  Please call the office and book your time slot today.