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Telemedicine services offered in Rockville , MD

Telemedicine can become a valuable part of your child’s health care, especially if your family is often busy or out of town. At Abdow Friendship Pediatrics in Rockville, Maryland, pediatricians Victor Abdow Jr., MD, Azra Jagani, MD, and Amita DeSouza, MD, provide telemedicine services, including same-day virtual visits on demand. Learn more about telemedicine and its advantages by scheduling an appointment over the phone or online at Abdow Friendship Pediatrics today.

Telemedicine Q&A

What is telemedicine?

Telemedicine is medical care that takes place remotely. Instead of traveling to the doctor’s office to bring your child in person, telemedicine allows you to communicate with your child’s pediatrician directly via high-quality video and audio communication services. You can access appointments from anywhere using your computer or tablet. You must be using Google Chrome as your operating system to have a virtual visit.


While you might not need or prefer to use telemedicine with every doctor’s visit, it might enhance your experience at Abdow Friendship Pediatrics. You can check in with your child’s physician without uprooting your entire day or building your schedule around a single appointment. 


The team at Abdow Friendship Pediatrics can perform simple evaluations or follow-ups for your child using telemedicine. They can also manage your child’s medications, communicate with you about lab results, or recommend home care for various concerns. They can also follow up after specific treatments or vaccinations to see how your child is doing. 

What are the benefits of using telemedicine?

Telemedicine has several noteworthy advantages compared to conventional in-person appointments at the office. While circumstances vary from family to family, you might enjoy telemedicine because of:


  • No need for transportation
  • Easy access to your child’s provider
  • Less exposure to diseases for immunocompromised patients
  • Follow-up visit for lab results and medication checks

You can still visit in person for services that must happen in the office, such as vaccination updates and lab tests. However, telemedicine reduces the number of times you have to come in. 

When is telemedicine necessary?

It’s up to you to decide when telemedicine is the better option for your family’s visits to Abdow Friendship Pediatrics. Sometimes, telemedicine is your only option, while other times, it’s simply more convenient. 


You might need to use telemedicine if:


  • Your family is out of town
  • Your child is contagious
  • Your child is immunocompromised
  • You don’t have reliable transportation

Abdow Friendship Pediatrics always has virtual walk-in visits available, so if you need an appointment for your child but can’t make it to the office, you can speak with a pediatrician quickly and get the care your child needs in a timely manner.


Find out more about virtual walk-in appointments and other telemedicine services by scheduling over the phone or online at Abdow Friendship Pediatrics today.

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